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The all-around LNP process developer

Scale it up

Once you’ve found a rock-solid formulation, Sunshine helps you tune in your LNP’s size and design the perfect process to scale them up. Scout ideal flow rates, explore different mixing options, then dial in the right dilution factor to keep them stable. When you’ve got everything just right, Sunshine can shift into continuous mode, making tens of liters in a day. Get process development and scale-up on one platform — who would have figured? Get brochure.

  • 10 experiments in 15 minutes
  • Fractional & total flow rates
  • 1 mL to continuous flow
  • 0.1 — 30 mL/min flow rates
  • Reusable microfluidics
  • Protocol transfer from Sunscreen

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Watch Sunshine in action.

Find your flow

Fill one syringe with payloads, the other with lipids and you’re ready to mix them up with a Sunny. For a simple, well-known T-mixing approach grab a Sunny T, or to increase fluid contact area for particle formation with a cross-junction, use a Sunny X. To use Sunshine’s full range of flow rates, ratios and integrated in-line dilution, choose a Sunny Trident. Sunnies can be subbed in and out of Sunshine, used over and over, and when you’re ready to turn up the volume, they can run longer than you can.

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Fine-tune it fast

Tell Sunshine’s Sunny Suite Software what’s in your syringes, the lipid to payload ratios, the flow rates you want to mix at, how much diluent you want to add and you’re ready to go. The software checks to make sure your experiments will work, so you don’t need to worry about screwing things up. Create 10 different samples in 15 minutes or let Sunshine run for hours while it makes liters of LNPs.

Dial it in

From their ability to get inside of cells, to releasing their payload, size really does matter when it comes to LNPs. Sunshine fully automates the fractional flow rate, total flow rate and dilution experiments that helps you size them down and keep them stable, with spot on repeatability. Tinker with up to 10 parameters per run and let Sunshine take it from there.

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Bulk it up

Sunshine is ready when you are to start making large volumes of LNPs. Whether you’re making milliliters or liters, your sizes and PDIs will stay consistent — no matter how much you decide to make.

The Sunny Suite

The Sunny Suite has a killer solution for every step of your LNP development. Sunscreen automates high-throughput screening of up to 96 formulations at a time to help you quickly discover your winning LNP formulations. Sunshine then takes your best formulations and hones in on the perfect mixing process conditions, with both automated experiments and continuous flow modes. When you’re ready for clinical trials, Sunbather dials up your particles in a fully GMP-compliant environment.

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Trust the process

Using the same pumps for fluid delivery, and same range of Sunnies for mixing up your formulations, the Sunny Suite keeps every transition from formulation screening to process development to GMP production smooth sailing. Whether you’re screening through hundreds of 200 μL formulations or producing liters of particles for clinical trials, you can trust the Sunny Suite to deliver the same consistent results at any scale.

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LNP formulation just got sunnier with the Sunny Suite

Ben Knappett, PhD, Product Manager, LNP Solutions, Unchained Labs

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