Nanoparticle concentration & sizing

The problem

Gathering the basic details when characterizing nanoparticles, like figuring out how many you’ve got and what size they are, still has lots of problems. Nanoparticle concentration is a critical parameter that researchers want to know about every batch of particles, but current methods can’t keep up with throughput, require dilutions that impact accuracy, or are just plain slow.

Building up a stash of nanoparticle sizing data is everyone’s goal since keeping particles the right size is the key to their success. But gathering size data on every sample can be a challenge when your only option is to measure samples one at a time.

The right tool for the job

Stunner’s rotating angle dynamic light scattering (RADLS) combines size data from multiple angles to count up nanoparticle concentration and see every size of nanoparticle present. Pair up RADLS with intelligent, short pathlength UV/Vis to simultaneously quantify total RNA, even on cloudy nanoparticle samples. All done with just 2 µL in under 2 minutes per sample for up to 96 samples at a time.


The proof

Take it for a spin

LNPs are huge and have crazy scatter effects, but they’re no match for Stunner’s one-of-a-kind rotating angle DLS. RADLS provides angle-independent sizing and light scattering intensity of your nanoparticle sample. Getting particle concentration has never been easier.

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Get it together

Stunner’s combo of RADLS and UV/Vis makes it possible to bring together size, RNA concentration and nanoparticle concentration data to report out the average amount of RNA molecules per particle. Screen through different RNA constructs, lipid formulations, or process conditions at light speed.

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Stunner is the only nanoparticle concentration and sizing system that pulls together UV/Vis concentration, rotating angle dynamic light scattering (RADLS) and multi-angle static light scattering (MALS) data from the same 2 μL sample. Nail down your lipid nanoparticle quality by knocking particle concentration, size, mass, detection of aggregates and total RNA off your list in one shot. Without skipping a beat, you’ll know if your nanoparticle is good to go.

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