One-stop stability

Cracking stability using a pile of one-trick, protein-hungry tools is a ton of work. UNcle combines 3 different measurement modes — fluorescence, SLS and DLS. So you can crank out all your data in just a few hours, and use way less protein. All the info you’ll get makes picking the best formulation or protein construct a piece of cake. Get brochure.

Tm & Tagg


Isothermal stability

Thermal recovery

Sizing & polydispersity

Sizing with thermal ramp

B22 & kD




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Uncover way more in one shot

Rank up to 48 constructs and formulations in under 2 hours. Start with a DLS run to find out exactly what your formulation did to your protein before you ramp temp. Then switch to fluorescence and SLS to figure out when unfolding leads to aggregation.


B22 and kD

Get B22 and kD at the same time in the same UNi. Learn on the spot if your protein-formulation combo is good to go or risky for aggregation with software that makes things easy to figure out.


UNleash the UNi

Get more data with way less protein. The UNi only needs 9 μL of sample, and you pick how you use it. Run 1 sample in the morning, 48 in the afternoon. Do a DLS read if that’s all you need. Or, check DLS, then start a 3-day experiment to monitor real-time stability. Your samples are sealed airtight, so runs can be short or long — your call.



Biologics behave differently. With UNcle, you get the whole fluorescence spectrum, so you don’t need to know ahead of time how your protein behaves. No need to add dyes either. UNcle picks up aggregation on two wavelengths — you’ll see both small and large aggregates no matter what.


Uncover more

Learn more about protein stability with only 9 µL of sample with the UNit. Measure Tm and Tagg simultaneously in under 2 hours. The UNit combines fluorescence and SLS measurement modes to give you a jump start on ranking protein constructs and formulations. Get brochure.

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Check out isothermal stability, thermal recovery, viscosity, polydispersity, sizing and a whole lot more on your biologic with UNcle.

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Application UNcle UNit UNit 445 UNit 375
Melting temperature (Tm)
Aggregation (Tagg)
Isothermal stability
Thermal recovery
Sizing & polydispersity
Sizing with thermal ramp
Relative viscosity
Membrane protein stability