LNP formulation

The problem

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) need to be optimized for lipid chemistry, payload encapsulation, and size. Once they’re optimized, you need to make enough to characterize and test them. Making the right-sized LNPs using conventional techniques is tedious because you first have to run multiple experiments to find the instrument settings that make the correct LNP size. This usually takes loads of single-use consumables and tons of time. When you finally get to the right size, you have to switch to a different instrument to make enough of them for all your characterization and functional tests. This means re-optimizing the instrument settings all over again to get large enough volumes.

The right tool for the job

Nunchuck is the only one-and-done instrument with total flow rate (TFR) screening and large volume preparation of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Nunchuck was designed with user-friendly software which features a Screening application that allows you to test up to 8 TFRs at a time in under 10 mins, so you can find the best settings for your desired LNP size fast. Once you know your optimized TFR, you can use the Prep application to go straight into making from 0.5 to 200 mL. Nunchuck uses the Nun, an optimized microfluidic mixing chip, to formulate high-quality, size-tunable LNPs with low polydispersity and high encapsulation efficiency.

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The proof

Nail your LNP size and get high encapsulation

No matter what total flow rate (TFR) you need and what chemistry is used, from lipids (cationic; ionizable), buffers, to the type of nucleic acid payload (PolyA, ssDNA, or mRNA), Nunchuck makes it fast and easy to formulate monodispersed, size-tunable LNPs with >85% encapsulation efficacy.

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Scale up

It’s critical to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility and homogeneity throughout the formulation volume. At any selected total flow rate (TFR), Nunchuck can make from 0.5-200 mL for characterizations with high reproducibility and no user-to-user variability from batch to batch.

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Nunchuck is the first and only platform that combines two key steps needed to make the perfectly-sized LNP – total flow rate screening and lipid nanoparticle formulation. Screen 8 total flow rates (TFRs) in just 10 minutes to find your sweet spot fast, then jump straight into making 0.5 to 200 mL of your LNPs. Dump the one‑flow-rate-at-a-time, back and forth workflows for the ultimate one‑and‑done LNP maker.

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