LNP Optimization

The problem

You've hit the mark at the screening stage, but your LNP formulation journey doesn’t get any easier. Now it’s time for LNP optimization and scale-up. Exploring flow parameters one-by-one can be a painstaking exercise, and then scaling up typically means switching instruments and re-optimizing your settings all over again. On top of all that, if you're using single-use consumables, the costs will just keep piling up.

The right tool for the job

After finding promising formulations on Sunscreen, walk right over to Sunshine for protocol development, process optimization, and rapid scale-up. With walk-away automation, Sunshine can run up to 10 experiments in just 15 minutes and make tens of liters in a day. Sunshine uses the exact same methods and reusable Sunnies as Sunscreen and Sunbather so handover between platforms is totally seamless. Modify total flow rates and flow rate ratios and diluents with ease, producing particles from 40 nm to 200 nm. Once your ideal criteria for production, size, and encapsulation efficiency are identified, seamlessly switch to Sunshine’s Continuous Mode and maintain that unwavering consistency through scale-up — with no limits on sample volume. When you’re ready for GMP production of your LNPs, Sunbather picks up right where Sunshine left off.

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The proof

Flexibility and consistency to boot

Sunshine offers the ultimate flexibility for LNP optimization and scale-up. Check out diverse flow rates, ratios, collection conditions, and mixing geometries with ease – with up to 10 automated experiments in a typical run. And when it comes to consistency, PDIs are typically lower than 0.2 and encapsulation efficiency >90%.

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Hand it off

Forget pain and inconsistency as you move between stages in the LNP development pipeline. Sunscreen, Sunshine and Sunbather use the same process technology and Sunnies (reusable glass microfluidic devices), at every stage. You can rely on complete transferability, continuity and scalability from screening and scale-up to GMP production of your LNPs. This is a total game-changer for scientists in this space.

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Once you’ve found a rock-solid formulation, Sunshine helps you tune in your LNP’s size and design the perfect process to scale them up. Scout ideal flow rates, explore different mixing options, then dial in the right dilution factor to keep them stable. When you’ve got everything just right, Sunshine can shift into continuous mode, making up to 50 liters in just 24 hours. Get process development and scale-up on one platform.

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