Gene Therapy Development

Unlock viral vectors with solutions designed to streamline workflows and accelerate gene therapy development.

Gene therapy researchers are working tirelessly to create effective therapies for some of the most pressing health challenges and rare diseases. But getting critical info about their viral vectors and the therapeutic genes they carry is no walk in the park - with processes that are time consuming, resource-intensive, and chew through limited sample.

Meet the Gene Therapy Squad, a solution lineup developed specifically to tackle these roadblocks head-on. Researchers can now get rapid, accurate and low-volume AAV and Adenovirus titer and empty/full ratios, assess AAV capsid stability, perform high-throughput nucleic acid quantification and quant and size LNPs. Or snag unmatched info on lentivirus titer, structure and RNA content to monitor the quality of their lentiviral prep from crude sample all the way through the purification process. Plus, automated buffer exchange can reformulate, concentrate and clean-up gene therapy samples in a jiff. With these powerful tools, researchers can crush the challenges that come with viral vector characterization and accelerate their gene therapy development.

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