Big Kahuna

The most customizable automated workflow solution

Unleash your workflow

Big Kahuna gives you automated, high-throughput, end-to-end solutions for biologics, gene therapy vectors, small molecules, polymers and catalysts. It’s completely configurable and helps you save money and time while getting more work done. Take a look at how Big Kahuna can change the game for your workflow.

  • Formulation screening and optimization
  • Visual inspection
  • Sample preparation
  • Reaction screening
  • Powder dispensing
  • Pressurized reactors
  • Process chemistry

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Hand off formulation screening

Big Kahuna takes on your entire biologics formulation development process and automates it end to end. It’ll tackle buffer prep, buffer exchange, pH checks, sample prep and analysis. Get those accelerated stability studies done with integrated sample incubation and automated freeze/thaw systems. Take on more developability screens, and check out a wider formulation space. Get brochure.


Supercharge your workflow

Big Kahuna lets you run hundreds of experiments in parallel with way less material, so deep exploration of your formulation work or reaction conditions is a snap. Pick your variables, map out your workflow and get it all done on one system. See the big picture more clearly, discover clues and spot more advantageous variables and conditions.
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Discover the next big thing in catalysis

Big Kahuna lets you make additions and grab samples from your reactions while they’re happening. You’ll have a whole new level of insight into what your small process tweaks do in real time. Take it to the next level and screen both discreet variables like catalyst precursors and ligands and continuous variables like temperatures, pressures and time. Pinpoint key process variables, map out reaction profiles, identify high yield and selectivity conditions and optimize synthetic routes — all on the same system. Get brochure.


Wrap the lab around your finger

Control your Big Kahuna and connect data to your other Unchained Labs and third-party tools. Design your experiments, automate your work, then combine and look at all your data in one place. LEA drives our Big Kahuna and does so much more to make it easier to handle all the extra data you’ll have.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Every lab has different bottlenecks and challenges. We’re all about partnering with you to build the bespoke solution that lets you do science faster and better. Have questions or can’t wait to speak with our expert team to find out what might be possible?

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Score easy chemistry automation driven by streamlined software with Junior & Big Kahuna

Del Ray Jackson, PhD, Market Manager, Unchained Labs

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Mark Spears Jr, PhD, Senior Scientist, Fujifilm Diosynth

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Paul Clark, PhD, Senior R&D Leader, Dow

Making High-Throughput Experimentation More Accessible and Efficient

Georg Wuitschik, PhD, Principal Scientist, Roche

Bayesian Optimization for Chemical Synthesis

Abigail Doyle, PhD, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Chemistry, Princeton University

Jason Stevens, PhD, Computer Assisted Synthesis Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb

App Notes

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