Adenovirus titer & empty/full ratio

The problem

Adenoviral vectors (AdVs) are extremely versatile and at the heart of many gene therapies and vaccines in development. When making or working with adenovirus, knowing your capsid titer, empty/full ratio, and if things are aggregated is a big deal. After ultracentrifugation or chromatography steps the adenovirus titer, empty/full ratio and purity of samples or fractions are needed for making quick decisions on what to do next.

UV/Vis absorbance at 260 nm (A260) is often considered the fastest analytical method for a quick check of adenovirus titer – but all the work required to denature AdV easily makes it a 30 minute assay. On top of that, A260 results get thrown off by protein, DNA contamination, or just about anything else that absorbs. Other more technical methods exist, but are too slow, hands-on or sample-hungry, and none are ready for a quick, easy check of your adenovirus sample.

The right tool for the job

Stunner is the first platform that gives researchers a full read-out on AdV titer, empty/full ratio, and aggregation – in about a minute using only 2 µL. Stunner combines high-speed UV/Vis spectroscopy with static and dynamic light scattering (SLS & DLS) to measure titers down to 1E9 vp/mL and check size and aggregation of 96 samples in just 1 hour. Stunner’s Adeno Quant application delivers dye-free, label-free, standard-free, hassle-free quantification ready for any AdV serotype or gene insert.

The proof

Stunner’s Adeno Quant application lets you measure your adenoviral vector as is, without any sample denaturation. Advanced Unmix algorithms analyze the total UV/Vis absorbance from adenovirus samples and divide it into what’s coming from capsid proteins and what’s DNA to give you a read on how much protein and DNA is actually there.

DLS is measured simultaneously and shows the size peak for adenovirus capsids next to any small particles or aggregates. During DLS, the SLS intensity is captured, giving you the capsid peak which is the best indication of your adenovirus titer.

DLS & SLS Graph with labels_small
UV_Vis Graph 2_small

Combine UV/Vis with the DLS & SLS results and Stunner delivers quick, easy answers for total and full capsid titer that’s robust against contamination, all from just 2 µL sample.

Stunner Front cc_crop_downsize


Stunner is the only system that pulls together UV/Vis concentration, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) data from the same 2 μL sample. Dig in to your AAV & adenovirus vector (AdV) to get the total capsid titer and empty/full ratio, or rack up payload concentration and size data on any nanoparticle all at once. Nail down your protein quality by knocking concentration, hydrodynamic size, polydispersity, and detection of aggregates off your list in one shot. Without skipping a beat, you’ll know if your AAV, AdV, nanoparticle or protein is good to go.

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