Lipid Nanoparticles

Accelerate lipid nanoparticle formulation screening, optimization and characterization with our primo solutions.

Researchers diving into the world of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) face tons of challenges on their way to making the next groundbreaking therapeutic. Crafting a winning formulation, achieving optimization, then scaling up seamlessly for clinical trials while treasuring every drop of payload is expensive, complex and a race against the clock. Add in the labyrinth of LNP characterization — fine-tuning size & PDI and nailing payload quantification — plus tedious clean up and concentrations steps means LNP development can feel like a constant uphill climb.

Our lipid nanoparticle solutions are tailor made for scientists to power through LNP synthesis and characterization while ditching all the hassle. Sunscreen supercharges LNP formulation screening by generating up to 96 unique, low volume LNP formulations in under 6 hours – slashing through cost and time. With the winning formulations found on Sunscreen, researchers can hop straight to Sunshine for protocol development, optimization, and scale-up. Once it’s time for clinical trials, Sunbather suits up for LNP production in GMP environments while using the same processes and microfluidic mixer (Sunny) that Sunscreen & Sunshine use. Nailing down LNP characterization becomes a breeze with Stunner - getting fast, high-throughput, low-volume LNP concentration, sizing and payload quantification on up to 96 samples at a time. Once the perfect LNP is formed, Unagi and Big Tuna take on the buffer exchange and concentrations steps by automating the entire process using UF/DF.

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