Get fast and accurate quantification and quality measurements on DNA, RNA and nucleic acids.

Efficient QC on extracted and purified DNA or RNA samples is key for downstream assays while fast and accurate characterization of nucleic acids is crucial throughout the entire genomics workflow. But traditional methods often leave you stuck with narrow linear ranges, hefty sample requirements, annoying dilutions, or limited insights from A260/A280 and A260/A230 ratios.

UV/Vis spectroscopy on Lunatic swaps costly reagents, standards, and time-consuming dilutions for fast and accurate quant and quality answers on even the messiest nucleic acid samples. All you need is 2 µL and 5-10-minutes to get results on up to 96 samples. Lunatic's consumable sports fixed pathlength microcuvettes that make time-consuming sample prep and cleaning required by other methods a distant memory. Lunatic sports a wide dynamic range of 1.5 to 13,750 ng/µL for dsDNA and impressive results with accuracy within 2% and precision within 1%.

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