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The most rapid two-in-one viscometer and rheometer out there

Let it flow

Honeybun is the only rapid viscometer and rheometer that pours out data as fast as you can handle it. Whether you’ve got one sample or ten, Honeybun sips microliters of each sample through a microfluidic channel to get a read on viscosities from 0.5 – 150 cP in minutes – with zero sample prep or clean-up. Ditch old school, one-at-a-time techniques that use too much sample and level up to the quickest, low-volume viscosity measurements out there. Get brochure.

  • 10 at a time
  • 35 μL per sample ( 15 μL in low volume mode)
  • 1 minute runs (≤10 cP)
  • Up to 150 cP

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Watch Honeybun in action

Grab your bun

Load up to 10 samples into a Bun consumable, insert and hit go – nothing to it. Honeybun then applies pressure to push the samples through the Bun’s microfluidic channels. While you watch them flow on live video, the software tracks how fast samples move through each channel to get you their viscosity. Gone are the days of filling syringes or cleaning expensive chips that are prone to clogging – these Buns are disposable.

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Short and sweet

Fill in all the details about your samples if that’s your jam or take the fast track – Honeybun’s software will auto-fill everything so you can just start your run. Three clicks gets you through experimental setup and right to collecting data.

Satisfy your craving

When you roll with Honeybun, you’ll finally be stuffed full of all the sweet viscosity data that you need. Honeybun’s speed and throughput make it easier than ever to gather viscosity any time you make a change in your protein, concentration or formulation.

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Know your flow

Since Honeybun is a rheometer, every experiment includes a sweep of shear rates in each channel so you can compare how each and every sample is flowing – Newtonian or not.

Tasty at any temp

Control temp from 4 °C up to 45 °C so you’ll always know how your sample behaves – straight out of the fridge, at room temp, or in the heat of manufacturing.


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Get your viscosity flow on with Honeybun

Kevin Lance, PhD, Director, Analytics Marketing, Unchained Labs

See how sweet it is to test viscosity data on Honeybun

Kevin Lance, PhD, Director, Analytics Marketing, Unchained Labs

Go with the flow for rapid viscosity results with Honeybun

Kevin Lance, PhD, Director, Analytics Marketing, Unchained Labs

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