LNP quantification & sizing

The problem

Nanoparticles are made for a lot of different payloads – RNA, DNA, protein or practically any other active pharmaceutical ingredient. When it comes to quantifying payloads most solutions need complex assays to get around LNP and nanoparticle turbidity. Because samples are so cloudy, fluorescent dyes are used for quantification but tricky dye-based methods are nobody’s favorite for nanoparticle analysis.

UV/Vis absorbance has been around forever as a fast, easy and low-volume method for RNA quantification in purified samples, but the cloudiness of nanoparticle samples stops most UV/Vis spectrophotometers from getting accurate nanoparticle analysis readings. Beyond quantification, keeping particles the right size is key to their success, so building up a stash of sizing data is everyone’s goal. But when you want size data on every sample, many dynamic light scattering (DLS) instruments are stuck measuring samples one at a time.

The right tool for the job

Stunner pairs up intelligent, short pathlength UV/Vis with high-throughput DLS to simultaneously quantify total RNA and size, even on cloudy nanoparticle samples. With our suite of nanoparticle analysis apps, Stunner quantifies total payload concentration for RNA, DNA, protein, or small molecules – without the need for any reagents, standards, or fluorescent dyes. For one-of-a-kind nanoparticles, Stunner can learn and remember everything about the UV/Vis absorbance of a particle – from carrier to payload. On the same 2 µL sample, Stunner delivers DLS data to get the size and PDI data you need. All this is done in under a minute per sample in our 96-well microfluidic plate.


The proof

Spotlight your payload

Turbidity is no longer a dealbreaker for UV/Vis spectrophotometry thanks to Stunner’s Unmix algorithms. Cut through turbidity and check out just the absorbance signal from your payload.


Measure it all

When you’ve got lots of buffers, formulations, and RNA constructs to test you want size data on everything. Stunner reads up to 96 LNP samples in just 1 hour so you’re never waiting around for those old school, one-by-one nanoparticle analysis instruments to finish. When even higher throughput is needed, Stunner is automation-friendly with SBS format plates.

Measure it all
Stunner Front cc_crop_downsize


Stunner is the only nanoparticle analysis system that pulls together UV/Vis concentration, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) data from the same 2 μL sample. Dig in to your AAV to get the total capsid titer and empty/full ratio, or rack up payload concentration and size data on any nanoparticle all at once. Nail down your protein quality by knocking concentration, hydrodynamic size, polydispersity, and detection of aggregates off your list in one shot. Without skipping a beat, you’ll know if your AAV, nanoparticle or protein is good to go.

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