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The unmatched lentivirus titer and characterization tool

Find your pot of gold

Leprechaun is the only system that hunts down viral titer by double-checking if particles are the right size and have the right structure. Count up your lentiviruses with capsids in crude or pure samples. Make your own luck and follow Leprechaun straight to the viral titer you’ve been looking for without the noise from trickster particles that can throw you off the trail. Get brochure.

• Lentivirus titer
• Lentivirus structure
• Exosome concentration
• Contaminant analysis

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Follow the rainbow

Leprechaun characterizes vectors like lentivirus and exosomes — on up to 16 samples at a time. The Luni consumable is where 1-25 μL of your vector is captured, sized, and then the structure of every particle is identified using immunofluorescence. Out-of-the-box kits with step-by-step protocols deliver answers in just a few hours.


Love your lenti

Score lentivirus titers all the way down to 5x106 viral particles/mL – from when they start hatching out of cells to before and after any clean up step. Each Lentivirus Luni dishes out 5 critical pieces of info about your crude or pure lentivirus samples. After capture, particles are sized to sort out individual lentiviruses from aggregates. Fluorescent antibodies confirm how many of your lentiviruses have a capsid, if there’s contamination from soluble p24 and if EVs are sneaking around. For the first time you can monitor titer and purity throughout your whole process.

Explore your exosome

Getting your exosome concentration is tricky and confirming that your cell line made what you want is crazy hard. Leprechaun gets exosome concentration in a jiff by grabbing them by their surface proteins, sizing them up and doubling-down with fluorescence to confirm all the right proteins are there. For unique situations, you can customize an assay with your own capture or identification antibodies using a Flex kit.



Leprechaun leads you to lentivirus gold

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Step up your EV characterization with Leprechaun


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