The all-around configurable benchtop workflow solution

Automate your benchtop

Junior automates all your hands-on, back and forth and hard to do work. Explore more reaction and formulation conditions, prep samples, whatever task you think would be better performed if you’re not the one doing it. Every Junior benchtop automation platform is configurable to be just what you need. Work with our team to configure a system with tools that are battle tested from dozens of systems before you, or forge your own path and customize and automate something that’s never been done before. Either way, Junior is up to the task.

  • Formulation screening and optimization
  • Visual inspection
  • Sample preparation
  • Reaction screening
  • Powder dispensing
  • Pressurized reactors
  • Process chemistry

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Stack the deck for biomolecules

Walk up, set up your run and walk away. Junior automates the manual measurements you do one by one at the bench. Choose a combo of high-throughput pH with visual inspection, visual inspection with viscosity or viscosity with pH. Crank through more samples in a single day, get them done the same way every time and check out a broader developability and formulation space. Get brochure.


Hand off reaction screening

Junior takes on the parts of your reaction screening process you’d normally do one at a time. Transfer heated solvents, dispense powder, or run pressurized reactions. Examine more variables, get them done the same way every time and explore a broader experimental space. Get brochure.

Dial in better catalysts

Junior lets you check out a ton of reaction screening variables like solvents, ligands, catalysts and reagents all at once. It’ll plow through hundreds of modifications per week. Outfit one with an Optimization Sampling Reactor (OSR) to grab samples from your reactions as they’re happening and know even more right now. Get brochure.


Wrap the lab around your finger

Control your Junior benchtop automation system and connect data to your other Unchained Labs and third-party tools. Design your experiments, automate your work, then combine and look at all your data in one place. LEA drives our Junior and does so much more to make it easier to handle all the extra data you’ll have.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Every lab has different bottlenecks and challenges. We’re all about partnering with you to build the bespoke benchtop automation solution that lets you do science faster and better. Have questions or can’t wait to speak with our expert team to find out what might be possible?

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Score easy chemistry automation driven by streamlined software with Junior & Big Kahuna

Del Ray Jackson, Ph.D., Market Manager, Unchained Labs

Automate visual inspection and viscosity and take an early day today

Robin Sweeney, Ph.D., Product Manager, Unchained Labs

Accelerating Research via High Throughput Workflows

Paul Clark, PhD, Senior R&D Leader, Dow

Making High-Throughput Experimentation More Accessible and Efficient

Georg Wuitschik, PhD, Principal Scientist, Roche

Bayesian Optimization for Chemical Synthesis

Abigail Doyle, PhD, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Chemistry, Princeton University

Jason Stevens, PhD, Computer Assisted Synthesis Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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High-throughput polymorph screening of active pharmaceutical ingredients
Unleashing high-throughput reaction screening
Accelerating your process optimization: sampling from reactions in-progress means better decisions in less time

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