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Cut loose from manual buffer exchange

Buffer exchange and sample concentration are the time consuming, hands-on chores you have to deal with before all the things you really want to do. Big Tuna automates exchange to formulate, concentrate and clean up proteins or gene therapy vectors like AAVs, LNPs, and VLPs — with just 30 mins of setup time. Skip the slow and manual ways of prepping samples to free yourself up for other critical work. Get brochure.







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Go big or keep it small

Big Tuna serves up two different plate-based formats that let you exchange and concentrate 24 or 96 samples in parallel. Use Unfilter 96 to exchange as little as 100 μL for up to 96 different samples in a run. Unfilter 24 lets you go big and exchange as much as 8 mL on up to 24 samples. With different molecular weight cutoff options, you always have the right Unfilter for the job.

Hand it off

Big Tuna keeps buffer exchange even across the plate with its unique pressure-based UF/DF process and gentle mixing. Its acoustic sensor measures the volume in every well before and after each cycle to track every sample’s exchange rate. Then Big Tuna figures out on the fly how much buffer to add to even things out.

Get concentrated

Dilute samples are a giant pain and hard to handle. Big Tuna can concentrate 48 mL down to 8 mL — freeing you from all the fuss. Follow up with buffer exchange to easily get your AAVs and other low-concentration, high-volume samples right where you need them to be.

Be a control freak

Buffer exchange doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark or keep you anchored to the bench. Use the software wizard to drag and drop your samples and buffers into place, then let Big Tuna guide you through all the ways you can customize the run so it’s just right for any sample type. The easy setup means you’ll have more control over your experiment with way less hands-on time.

Know it all

Load up your samples knowing they’re in good hands. Big Tuna will tell you where to put everything and how much buffer you’ll need. You can check in on progress at any time and know exactly when your exchange and concentration runs will be done. Ditch babysitting your buffer exchange and go do what you really want with your time.

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