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Cell therapies are being developed to tackle serious conditions like cancer, autoimmune diseases, genetic and neurological disorders, and to improve organ transplantation outcomes. CAR T-Cell therapies show promise for treating certain cancers, but current methods for characterizing the lentivirus used to deliver genetic material are clunky, need pure samples or provide disjointed info.

Leprechaun is the only system that measures lentiviral titer by confirming if the particles are the right size, have the right structure and have RNA on board - on crude or pure samples. It uses this info to tell the difference between a virus with all the right parts and particles that are missing VSVG or p24. Leprechaun also measures contaminating particles like extracellular vesicles (EVs) and differentiates viral p24 from soluble p24. This means researchers will finally know exactly what's in their sample.

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