Protein quantification

The problem

Accurate quantification of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins can eat up a lot of time and precious sample. Using old school methods means running samples one-by-one or diluting them down if they’re too concentrated, which can introduce significant error. All that extra work puts the brakes on throughput, especially if you’re working with high concentrations that need careful gravimetric dilutions.

The right tool for the job

UV/Vis spectroscopy on Lunatic equips you with fast, easy and accurate protein quantification without any of the trade-offs. All you need is 2 µL per sample and 10 minutes to measure up to 96 samples per plate, without any standards or reagents. A dynamic range of 0.03–275 OD means you can run recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies straight-up, even at high concentrations, without ever diluting. Lunatic adds to all that with spot-on precision within 1% and accuracy within 2%. All of this is possible because of its microfluidic circuits with fixed pathlengths.

Lunatic plate zoom in on circuit

The proof

Get high

Lunatic is the only system out there that can measure biologics at high-throughput and high concentration. It’s got a dynamic range that covers from 0.02 mg/mL to 200 mg/mL (mAb), so run any protein without ever having to dilute again.

On-the-money results

Using two fixed pathlengths, Lunatic gets you jaw-dropping data at both low and high protein concentrations and nails the expected concentrations every time – with accuracy and precision.

Lunatic Front_Shadow_Transparent_crop


Lunatic makes batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA a no-brainer. All you need is 2 μL and 10 minutes to measure up to 96 samples. Run them straight-up, even at high concentrations, without ever diluting. Lunatic gets biologics and genomics UV/Vis quantification on the money every time. Just drop, load and read.

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