Unchained Labs jumps into gene therapy and vaccines with new AAV stability application!

April 1, 2020 – Pleasanton, CA – Unchained Labs, the life sciences company that’s all about getting biologics researchers the right tool for the job, launched its new AAV stability application on the Uncle platform today. Uncle is already the gold standard for measuring protein stability and, with this new application, jumps in to support researchers in pursuit of novel gene therapies and better vaccines.

Many gene therapies, immunotherapies and vaccines being developed use adeno-associated viruses or AAVs. These viral vectors are great at sneaking past the body’s immune system to deliver DNA that commands cells to make proteins that end diseases or antibodies that seek out and destroy viruses. A stable AAV stays intact until it finds its target and won’t aggregate – or worse, leak potentially toxic DNA into the body.

Uncle’s newest application helps researchers understand their AAV stability. It uses a thermal ramp with a DNA-binding fluorescent dye to help them get a read on when DNA starts to leak from an AAV, even before the capsid starts to fall apart. Uncle’s DLS and SLS combo can measure the particle titer to see how many capsids they have. They’ll also know when aggregation gets out of hand.

“With this new application, Uncle lends a helping hand to researchers working on life-changing gene therapies and vaccines,” said Taegen Clary, VP of Marketing at Unchained Labs. “With deeper insights into AAV stability, researchers can now screen and refine their capsids for strength, find the best formulations, and optimize storage conditions, all with a single instrument.”

About Unchained Labs

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Taegen Clary
VP of Marketing, Unchained Labs
[email protected]

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