For Big Kahuna and Junior elements

1 Arms

Glass pH probes

Small Molecule Liquid Dispense

Large Molecule Liquid Dispense

Viscous Liquid Dispense

Solid Dispenser


Vial and Plate Gripper


2 Off-deck


Plate/ Rack Carousel

Vertical plate hotel

Syringe Pump

Pre-Filled Syringe Expulsion Storage

Barcode Reader

Small molecule purge box or glove box

Large molecule enclosure with HEPA filter

Small or Large Molecule Enclosures

Vial Labeling Kit

3 On-deck

Heating/Cooling/Stirring Station

Cooled Storage Bay

pH Measurement

Balance with Integrated Camera

Viscosity Station

Visual Inspection Station (VIS)

Buffer Exchange

Heated Filter Block


Deck Screening Pressure Reactor (DSPR)

Optimization Sampling Reactor (OSR)

Extended Work Surfaces

Solid and Liquid Dispense Tool Storage

Passive Racks

Wash Stations

Capping and Decapping Station

Ixion Centrifuge

Incubator Shaker

Vortexing Station

Vertical Shaker