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Big Kahuna makes optimizing your chemistry a cinch — and it’s totally configurable for reaction screening and catalysis optimization workflows. It’s array-based, micro-scale take on processing, sampling and analytical work-up gets you to primo conditions without breaking a sweat. Test and screen more variables than ever, and know exactly what your chemistry’s up to at every step. Get brochure.

Process optimization

Screen continuous variables

Screen discrete variables

Optimize and screen synthetic routes

Improve yields and impurity profiles

Optimize catalyst loading

Map process robustness


Configure yours.

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Dial in your process

Big Kahuna lets you make additions and grab samples from your reactions while they’re happening. You’ll have a whole new level of insight into what your small process tweaks do in real time. Take it to the next level and screen both discreet variables like catalyst precursors and ligands and continuous variables like temperatures, pressures and time. Pinpoint key process variables, map out reaction profiles, identify high yield and selectivity conditions and optimize synthetic routes — all on the same system. Get workflow guide.

1. Vial/plate gripper
2. Waste bin
3. Balance with integrated camera
4. PDT rack
5. Vortexing station
6. Solid dispensing tool rack
7. Heating/cooling/stir station
8. Capping/decapping station
9. 1-Tip liquid dispenser

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Find the sweet spot

Going the one variable at a time route doesn’t cut it when you need to know how all your different reaction variables play together. Add an Optimization Sampling Reactor (OSR) to Big Kahuna and get real-time kinetics on all your reactions. OSR grabs time-point samples from up to 8 pressure- and temp-controlled vessels at a time without interrupting a single reaction. Each vessel makes sure the heating, cooling and stirring for each of your reactions is just right.

Optimization Sampling Reactor

Optimization Sampling Reactor

Cover all the bases

Big Kahuna screens all your substrates, catalysts, reactants, solvents and reaction conditions so you can tackle a huge range of organic transformations. Dead-on dosing of small amounts of solids, liquids, slurries and viscous reagents keeps use of precious, hazardous and expensive materials at an all-time low when prepping your reaction solutions. Tight reaction control, stir plate temps, filtration and dilution mean your samples are ready for structural analysis whenever you are.

Heated 4-tip liquid dispenser

Heated 4-tip
liquid dispenser

Heating/cooling/stirring station

Heating/cooling/stirring station

Take reactions higher

Ultra-high temp and pressure reactions are no problem with the Screening Pressure Reactor (SPR). Run up to 96 experiments in parallel automatically and kick things up to 400 °C and 200 bar (3000 psi). Tie an SPR in with Big Kahuna for reaction screening and see if maxing temps and pressures gets your chemistry where you want it to go.

Screening Pressure Reactor

Screening Pressure Reactor

Break bottlenecks

LEA doesn’t move the bottleneck, it totally unclogs it. You get intuitive experimental design that makes sense on the front end and full integration with analytical tools on the back end. LEA also links your conditions, steps and analytical data together, so your final report doesn’t just have numbers, it’s got all the information you need to make real decisions. Learn more.

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Optimization Sampling Reactor (OSR)