Unchained Labs revs up its gene therapy engine, acquires NanoView Biosciences!

May 4, 2022 – Pleasanton, CA – Unchained Labs, the life sciences company that’s all about getting biologics and gene therapy researchers the right tools for the job, acquired NanoView Biosciences today. NanoView’s ExoView technology sits in pole position for characterizing exosomes and their recently launched LentiView platform is a game-changer for gene therapy researchers working with lentivirus.

Exosomes are messenger particles released by cells. They are a known source of information about disease, but are also high potential vectors for gene therapy payloads. ExoView uses an antibody chip to capture exosomes by their surface proteins, confirms their size using high resolution interferometry and identifies up to 5 additional surface proteins with 4-color fluorescence. Researchers can hunt down exosomes of interest or get a real titer on the ones they are developing as gene therapies – even in crude, messy samples.

Lentiviruses are excellent at modifying the genome, which is why there’s so many in gene therapy development. The problem is they are huge, hard to make and highly complex – made of lipids, proteins, and a capsid with a payload. Characterizing lentivirus today is very challenging, requiring researchers to purify and then use destructive assays like ELISA or PCR to see pieces of the puzzle. LentiView changes the game and lets researchers see every component straight up in crude samples. Using a combination of antibody capture, fluorescence, and interferometry on a microchip, LentiView tells researchers exactly what they want to know about their lentivirus – how much, big, pure, full, or empty and if targeting proteins are there.

“NanoView has been dedicated to helping exosome researchers characterize these complex particles,” said Jerry Williamson, CEO at NanoView Biosciences. “We’re just getting started with viral vector characterization and there’s no better company than Unchained Labs to help us get LentiView into the hands of gene therapy researchers.”

“Gene therapy development is exploding, and researchers are screaming for better tools,” said Tim Harkness, Founder and CEO at Unchained Labs. “Our calling is to provide them with better ways to characterize these crazy complex vectors and I am fired up to add NanoView’s gene therapy solutions to our portfolio and to have their team join our cause.”

About Unchained Labs

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Taegen Clary
SVP of Marketing, Unchained Labs
[email protected]

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