Unchained Labs brings in the muscle with Bouncer and releases the Hounds!

April 30, 2018 – Pleasanton, CA – Unchained Labs, the life sciences company that’s all about getting biologics researchers the right tool for the job, launched Hound and Bouncer today at the PEGS conference in Boston. The QC duo are the ultimate tools for getting biopharmaceutical manufacturers to particle-free biologics and trouble-free drug delivery devices faster.

Particles in a drug formulation throw a wrench into development and manufacturing. Hound uses Raman spectroscopy to fingerprint protein and organic particles.  Metal, glass, and other inorganic particles get blasted by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to identify their elemental makeup. In just minutes, researchers can fully ID unwanted particles, find their source and fix their process.

Silicone oil makes a drug injection smooth and easy. Too little and the device can get jammed up. Too much and silicone can ooze into the drug and may cause aggregation. Bouncer lets manufacturers measure the thickness of sprayed-on and baked-on silicone coatings using a combo of reflectometry and interferometry. Scientists can get a handle on their coatings in minutes and fine-tune their process accordingly for top-notch device performance.

“This tag team of QC tools for biologics labs has no equal”, said Taegen Clary, VP of Marketing at Unchained Labs. “Hound goes way beyond just finding particles – it forensically identifies them by what they’re made of. Bouncer helps dial in the silicone coating process, ensuring delivery devices work every time and are as safe as possible.”

About Unchained Labs

Here’s the deal. We’re all about helping biologics researchers break free from tools that just don’t cut it. Unleashing problem-tackling products that make a huge difference in the real science they do every day. That’s our mantra, our promise and we own it. We’re located in Pleasanton, CA and can be found online at www.unchainedlabs.com.


Taegen Clary
VP of Marketing, Unchained Labs
[email protected]

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