Wrap the lab around your finger

LEA is the only software that lets you design and run complex experiments, control both your Unchained Labs and third-party tools, automate mind-numbing, manual tasks and coordinate the data from an entire study in one place. Doesn’t matter if drug development’s your thing or if you need to optimize chemical reactions, go ahead and think up that killer experiment — LEA lets you pull it off. Get brochure.

Design anything, control everything

LEA Library Studio makes designing experiments a no brainer so you can focus on science instead. Drag and drop to create workflows for your Big Kahuna, Junior and integrated devices. Import DOE designs and save them as templates for a smooth ride the next go around. LEA’s Automation Studio executes your master plan from there and makes changing things up easy.


Creating workflows is a cinch

LEA Design Creator lets you lay out workflows in a step-by-step process. There’s no coding, scripting or messing around — just drag and drop workflow steps into place and you’re good to go. Design Creator double checks each step to make sure it’s doable, so newbie users don’t have to worry about screwing things up.

Band together

LEA talks to the native software for all your analytics — spectrophotometers, DLS instruments, UPLCs, devices for preparing and stressing samples and more. No need to deal with different software for every instrument in the lab. LEA handles multiple workflows, projects, molecules and analytics and makes them work as a finely-tuned team.

Easy access

LEA stores all the information from your studies in a single database, so everything’s in one spot. Keep track of your data across all conditions and link all of those results back to the original samples. Sharing results with your team is one click away with the LEA Data Browser.


Search and report

Easily find all the data from your entire study, do the analysis and crank out reports — even if the study was run on multiple systems. Use Microsoft Excel to access the LEA database from any computer and export any data. Search using custom queries, then open data and bring it right into a spreadsheet using the LEA Analysis Add-in. Spend time on your science, not exporting, cutting or pasting.


Learn more

Check out what you can do with LEA in your biologics formulation, small molecule preformulation and process chemistry workflows.



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