Size it up

The Punk puts a new spin on Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). It lets you snag a protein’s hydrodynamic size, size distribution, aggregate population a lot faster and with a lot less hassle. If killer sensitivity is on your list, the Punk’s unique optical design has it crossed off. Get more done with the smallest, fastest and easiest to use protein sizing system. Get brochure.

5 µL sample size

Percent aggregation

Protein size


HPLC compatible


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The Runt

The Punk’s single-use Runt only needs 5 µL of sample and comes sterile and dust-free right out of the package. The cuvettes typically used with other DLS-based tools need high volumes of sample and a tedious wash and sterilization process before each reuse. The Runt lets you skip all that and get your results up to 8X faster.


Know what’s up

Keep an eye out for the big stuff you don’t want — like protein aggregation — with the Punk. All it takes is a quick check to know what’s going on with your protein. The Punk whips out info on sample size distribution and if your protein’s started to aggregate or not in about 30 seconds.