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End old routines

Junior automates all your hands-on, back and forth and hard to do biologics formulation tasks. It ties them together and makes them one totally routine, high-throughput process. Hand off the grunt work to Junior, and hit the next big thing on your plate instead. Get brochure.

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Developability assessments

Evaluate formulation robustness

Preformulation and formulation development


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Hand off your process

Walk up, set up your run and walk away. Junior automates the manual measurements you do one by one at the bench. Choose a combo of high-throughput pH with visual inspection, visual inspection with viscosity or viscosity with pH. Crank through more samples in a single day, get them done the same way every time and check out a broader developability and formulation space. Get workflow guide.

1. Vial/plate gripper
2. Waste bin
3. Viscosity station
4. Tool and plate rack
5. 3-Position plate rack
6. Visual inspection station
7. Vial/plate hotel

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Bench the pH meter

One at a time pH measurements just don’t cut it. A high-resolution, 4-probe pH arm automates the whole process. It blasts through a 96-well plate in less than 60 minutes — that includes calibrations, measurements, recording and washing. So no more prep, no more mess, and no more standing at the bench.

Multi-channel pH probe

Multi-channel pH probe

Knock viscosity out in 6

Get viscosity measurements for Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in under 6 minutes with as little as 100 μL of sample. With its spot-on temp control, the Junior viscosity station gives you the consistency and accuracy you need. Automated washing kills any carryover between samples. Crank through your viscosity measurements 5X faster, and cut your hands-on time down by 40X.

Heating/cooling/stirring station

Viscosity station

Dead-on visual inspection

Junior does a 3-in-1 visual inspection using a fast, non-destructive assay. Grab color, turbidity and count visible particles all in one shot. It also takes a snapshot of every sample and matches those up against standards. That means you get a more accurate analysis without all the subjectivity. Images are permanently archived so you can go back and check them out anytime.

Visual inspection station

Visual inspection station

Break through bottlenecks

LEA doesn’t move the bottleneck, it totally unclogs it. You get intuitive experimental design that makes sense on the front end and full integration with analytical tools on the back end. LEA also links your conditions, steps and analytical data together so your final report doesn’t just have numbers, it’s got all the information you need to make real decisions. Learn more.

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Junior for biologics formulation