Exchange your process

Buffer exchange is the first thing you need to tackle when you’re creating biologic formulations. But it’s an exhausting process. Let Grunt do all the dirty work for you. It completely automates prep and whips out more formulations than you could ever do before. Get brochure.

12 formulations at a time

1-8 mL of each formulation

Only 1 hour of hands-on time

Up to 200 mg/mL protein



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Make it a cakewalk

The first automated prep and buffer exchange system

Give dialysis the boot

Forget about dialysis cassettes, desalting columns and running back and forth to the centrifuge. Grunt’s unique micro UF/DF method hits the mark for buffer exchange. With automated temp control, multiple processing options and a final concentration step, you can kick manual buffer exchange out of your lab forever.


Set up in a jiff

Grunt is powered with simple to navigate software. An intuitive home screen, a step-by-step run guide and user-specified parameters make setup a no-brainer. Add your protein and stocks, hit start and let Grunt handle the rest while you do you.


By the dozen

Create up to 12 formulations at a time. Grunt starts off with stock solutions and excipients, does a pH check and then titrates to your buffer recipe. It finishes off with pressure-based filtration, gently mixing a single protein into 12 buffers and adding a surfactant on top that makes accurate formulations a cinch.

It’s your time

Ditch manual methods that don’t cut it. Grunt is ready to run with just an hour of hands-on time. Grunt can exchange proteins up to 200 mg/mL with killer recoveries. Not to mention, your final volume is no longer a mystery. Pick your target concentration, turn Grunt loose and walk away care-free.