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Nail it down

Freeslate takes on your entire biologics formulation development process and automates it end to end. It’ll tackle buffer prep, buffer exchange, pH checks, sample prep and analysis. Get your accelerated stability studies done with integrated sample incubation and automated freeze/thaw systems. So you can take on more developability screens, check out a wider formulation space and find the most stable biologic this month, not this year. Get brochure.

Characterize formulations with limited material

Developability and preformulation screens

Robustness and stress studies

pH, viscosity, turbidity, and visible particles

Manage and track formulations and analytics



Configure yours.

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Gear up

Prepare, stress and analyze hundreds of formulations in parallel in a couple of days — hands off. Freeslate also corrals your formulation info into a single location for easy reporting and analysis. Do it all using a single, configurable platform and crank through more candidates and formulations than ever. Get workflow guide.


1. 4-Tip pH probe
2. Buffer exchange module
3. Volume check
4. Viscosity station
5. Visual inspection station
6. Vial capping and decapping station
7. Vortexing station
8. Cooled storage bay
9. 3-Position passive rack
10. Tip/rack holder
11. Wash station
12. Tip/rack holder

Dive deeper.

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Ditch dialysis

Freeslate lets you skip the dialysis cassettes, desalting columns and trips to the centrifuge that come with manual processes. It automates plate-based buffer exchange with as little as 150 μL of sample. Churn out more protein formulations and use the time you get back for the other big things on your to-do list.

Freeslate system with buffer exchange module

Freeslate system with buffer exchange module (left)

Stress out your proteins

Put your proteins through their paces. Agitate, freeze/thaw or crank up the heat and see how they deal. Shake, spin and visually inspect right on the deck to see if they aggregate. Ramp temps up or down to check out what they do in various climates. Take it up a notch with incubators and a scheduler to automate accelerated and long-term stability studies.

Vortexing station

Vortexing station

Slam through analytics

Freeslate lets you add the tools you need to find out which formulations make the cut. On-deck analytics check pH, measure viscosity, assess turbidity and count large visual particles. Up your arsenal with on-deck 3rd-party analytics like UV/Vis and DLS, or automate your sample prep for off-deck HPLC and CE analysis.

Visual inspection station

Visual inspection station

Break bottlenecks

LEA doesn’t move the bottleneck, it totally unclogs it. You get intuitive experimental design that makes sense on the front end and full integration with analytical tools on the back end. LEA also links your conditions, steps and analytical data together so your final report doesn’t just have numbers, it’s got all the information you need to make real decisions. Learn more.

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Freeslate system for biologics formulation