Buffer Exchange


buffer exchange

Stop wasting time

Manual buffer exchange sucks. It takes days to prep buffers and exchange a single protein. Unchained Labs does the dirty work by automating the whole thing. Get brochure.


Kick it to the curb

Big Kahuna, Junior and Grunt take care of the whole process so you can stop mucking around with centrifugal filters and dialysis. We’re talking everything — buffer exchange, stress analytics, integrated storage, incubations, and even quantitative analytics — all with a click of a button.


Not sure which one?


Blow your mind

Not your time. All you do is program a run, load the system, and hit start. That’s it. Now the automation kicks in. It mixes your buffers, measures their pH, and titrates them based on your recipe. No joke, it’s that easy.


The first automated prep and buffer exchange system