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Months of stressing about what’ll happen to your protein after one small formulation tweak is a royal pain — and a total waste of time. Hunky hands over the ΔG info you can’t get anywhere else. Quantify your protein’s stability and know if it’s going to aggregate now, not later. With 4 apps to choose from, automated liquid handling and full-on data analysis, Hunky is a gotta-have for measuring stability. Get brochure.

C1/2 – rank stability

ΔG – quantify stability

Agg Path – predict aggregation

ΔGtrend – zoom in on aggregation


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Why ΔG rocks

Biologics hang between their native and denatured states. ΔG is the only way to tell how much of each you’ve got at room temp. High ΔGs mean your protein’s mostly folded and good to go. A low ΔG means it’s more denatured, not as stable and needs extra TLC — or should get the boot altogether. Get quantitative, high-res differentiation on proteins that were too close to call with just Tm.

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Hunky loads you up with massive amounts of stability info. It takes your protein, whips out denaturation curves and calculates the C1/2 — the concentration of denaturant needed to unfold one-half of your protein. Combine C1/2 with Tm values to double-check your results and bucket your good formulations and constructs from the bad.


Settle the score

Hunky’s ΔG values let you actually quantify how much denatured protein you’ve got in your sample. Automated data fitting shows you up to 3 unfolding transitions and lets you see small differences in your protein’s stability — even in super tight pH or salt windows. There’s no heat stress to mess up your curves either. Hunky does its thing at room temp to keep aggregation out of the equation so you get the rundown interference-free.


Ditch the aggregators

Agg Path measures ΔG at one high and one low protein concentration to predict aggregation propensity. If ΔG stays constant, breathe easy. If not, throw it in the do-over pile. Use ΔGtrend to monitor ΔG over a range of concentrations for an even deeper dive into your aggregation situation. Get insight on whether your protein will aggregate, what pathway it will take and how bad it might get.

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Hunky lets you identify the most stable formulations and proteins, and takes what you could do with the Hunk a step further. So anything you see here for the Hunk can be done with Hunky too. Take a deeper dive into published articles and background references on chemical denaturation and protein stability.